• Наши агентства
    • Webcom Performance


      Webcom Performance is a marketing performance agency that is part of the Webcom group of companies. It deals with the client's business tasks on the Internet with a focus on measurable results and increased sales. The company employs more than 100 specialists. A team of 4 to 8 people works on each project, regardless of its scale. Since 2000, more than 4,000 projects have been implemented; the customer satisfaction rate for today is 88%.

      Webcom Performance is not just a set of advertising tools, it is a mix of solutions for the integrated promotion of business in the network, which includes: search marketing, contextual advertising, targeted advertising, analytics and work with social networks.

      The agency is the only Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner in Belarus, as well as a certified agency of the most influential contextual advertising systems: Yandex, Bing, MyTarget, etc.

      A diverse portfolio of clients and their feedback, as well as the first places at numerous competitions and ratings speak for themselves.

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    • Webcom Academy


      Webcom Academy is the largest educational center in Belarus. It has been providing training courses in Internet marketing since 2007. After completing the courses at Webcom Academy, you will become proficient in the tools for creating the ideal structure, informativeness, convenience of your company's website and its further advancement on the Internet. The training center offers programs on: SEO (search promotion), contextual advertising, web analytics, content marketing, Internet marketing, SMM, usability, etc.

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    • Webcom Media


      Webcom Media is a digital full-service agency that is part of the Webcom group of companies. Almost 20years’ expertise of the company allows selecting the most effective mix of digital-tools, which helps to achieve 100% of KPI's determined by the client. Media advertising will help to create the maximum online coverage of the target audience for the formation and support of loyalty to your brand. If you need to talk about your new product / service, increase brand awareness, increase the number of interactions of the target audience with your resource, and stimulate demand - the team of the Webcom Media agency will help you to solve all of these tasks.

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    • Webcom International


      This is an international division of the Webcom group of companies. The company provides search marketing services on the international market.

      The team of Webcom International has many years of work experience with projects from completely different spheres of business: promotion of services, bringing products to new markets (American, Asian, European and CIS), content resources, promotion of B2B and B2C projects.

      In the staff of Webcom International, there are more than 40 experts certified in Google, Yandex, Bing, DoubleClick, which allows you to solve complex problems at a high level.

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    • ProText


      Every day specialists of the ProText company laboriously create texts for sites and landings, as well as articles and selling promotional texts. Do you need a whole copywriting department on a temporary or permanent basis? Do you want to check the quality of content on your site? The ProText team will solve your content tasks! It will also evaluate the stylistics, readability and informativeness of materials on the site and will provide exhaustive and clear recommendations for processing.

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    • Webcom Russia


      Webcom Russia is an independent digital agency that provides consulting services in the field of increasing the effectiveness of websites, advertising campaigns, search promotion for major content and news projects of runet. Each technological solution is an individual project for a particular business.

      Webcom Group can afford not to use a template approach, for each project an expert team is formed, which plunges headlong into the client's business and carefully studies the tasks in order to develop a unique working solution.

      In the team's portfolio for more than 18 years there is work experience with such projects as: Ivi.ru, Livejournal, Litres, Metlife, Surfingbird, Kanobu, Maxim-online, Elle.ru and others.

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  • Наши проекты
    • Independent Advertising


      Would you like to conduct contextual advertising or have you already been doing it on your own? We will help you with the transfer of money to the accounts in the chosen advertising network: Google, Yandex, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and YouTube. We offer you:

      • Commission for crediting funds for advertising campaigns - 0%.
      • Bonus up to 300 USD (at the rate of the NBRB) if you conduct advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google on your own.
      • Deferment of payment.
      • Crediting of money day in day.
      • Work on cashless settlement and in Belarusian rubles.
      • We take on questions with closing documents for tax and accounts departments.
      • Free check-list on setting up and launching an advertising campaign.
      • Regular consultations and quality control of the advertising campaign from experts of Webcom Performance.

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    • Business Analytics


      This is a comprehensive study of your business in one service. The company's specialists use both known web analytics systems and their own innovative techniques and call tracking with offline tracking of purchases for each advertising source for deep and comprehensive analytics of your business. As a result, you will receive: offline and online promotion analysis, website usability analysis, technical audit of the site, brand reputation audit in the network, service quality audit.

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    • Open Day


      This is the only event in Belarus where representatives of digital corporations speak business in one language and about the same goals. No technical terminology and professional slang. Only practical information, without milk-and-water and advertising.

      The event is intended for those who are responsible for the development and profit of the company.

      Annually speakers from Google, Yandex and VKontakte take part at the conference. Using the examples of cases they talk about the implemented strategies for bringing customers' businesses to a new level. Participants have a unique opportunity to ask a question to the speaker and even argue with each of them.

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    • Business Meetings with Webcom


      These are closed meetings of managers and owners of companies with experts of Webcom Group. Experts of Webcom Group gratuitously share the experience of successfully promoting the business on the Internet, analyzing advertising tools, examples of real cases and successful strategies from various business areas. Business meetings for you is an excellent opportunity to expand the range of business and useful acquaintances, as well as get answers to long-tormenting questions about increasing sales and promoting business on the network.

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    • “Digital GO!” Conference


      This is a free event for young and leading specialists in marketing and advertising, heads of departments and directors of companies. Within the same day and one site experts from Google, Yandex, 1C-Bitrix, VKontakte, Mail.ru, Webcom Group as well as from leading companies in the field of search promotion, contextual advertising, SMM and web analytics, and website development take the floor. You will learn digital trends, get acquainted with new tools and technologies for business promotion, personally talk with the Internet marketing gurus and get business contacts and potential business partners.

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    • “Week of Bуnet” Conference


      This is an international practical digital-conference devoted to marketing and sales. The conference has been held since 2014, and gathers under one roof more than 1,700 people for 4-5 days in one of the largest congress halls in Minsk.

      The “Week of Bуnet” is an evolutionary continuation of the well-known SEO conference optimization.by, which was first held in Minsk in 2009.

      The participants of the “Week of Bуnet” are leaders and owners of businesses, as well as Internet marketing specialists. Representatives of international corporations annually tell the participants about the latest tools and technologies for promoting business on the web. Each participant has the opportunity to personally communicate with the gurus of Internet marketing, get individual advice and get acquainted with potential business partners. Speakers of the conference, guests from such countries as Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and the United States share ready-made checklists and cases to increase sales.

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